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If you desire to prolong your jerk off experience instead of cumming too fast, there are multiple options like cock rings and such, but none are so thrilling as instructions from a Thai t-girl mistress. They can get rough with you, but that’s the whole point of ladyboy JOI webcam chat, if you surrender those genitals, then you don’t decide how they’re used.

Instead, you’ll give over the full control, every move you make is instructed, and every stroke will feel like it’s the last one, just before the orgasm, but in reality, you’ll be far away from it. The art of edging is something each one of them has mastered, it’s one of the tools used to turn you into a submissive little bitch.

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There’s more than one though, and you’ll learn all about them with MissZaya, like it or not, she will make you beg just to touch your dick. She enjoys restraining her new subs, there’s nothing like standing above you in a crotchless leather bodysuit, swinging her massive prick right in your face, and all you can do is watch.

That’s what a real dick looks like, you’re going to gasp as if it just probed your tight bunghole, or at least that’s what you would wish it does. You’ll watch at this dominant ladyboy  during the jerk off instruction cam chat as if she’s a higher being, and bow before her holy grail, while she rubs the tip.

She can already sense that your prick is craving to be touched, it’s firm, longing for something that’s not coming, but at least you’ll get to hump a pillow. You will get laughed at, so pathetic, wiggling on the ground like a horny chihuahua before she gets your hands released.

Go on then, use two fingers of your weak hand and give it a couple of short strokes, it’s definitely not going to be enough for anything. She’ll keep adding more strokes, you’ll get overly excited, so she’ll have to put an end to it and deny you the pleasure, it’s your first day, too early to cum, but you will have to watch her do it instead and envy her freedom.

Frail manlets like you barely deserve to be looked at by a ladyboy mistress like DommeVega, but she’ll manage, your suffering will be an award worthy enough in the jerk off instruction webcam session. Don’t even come to her unless there’s a chastity lock on your cock, she decides when your miserable dicklet gets released.

In the meantime she’ll give you a tour of her glorious body, those lavish curves are something you could have only dreamt of, and there they are, so firm and plump, but you can’t enjoy them properly. The teasing is the hardest part, and with that cock locked down, blue balls are inevitable.

That’s her plan all along, to make the stroking so painful you’ll be on edge of tears, but still make you so horny that you can’t resist touching yourself while having a live JOI chat with this ladyboy domme. Lock off, the slightest touch now sends shivers down your spine from the pain, and she has already instructed you to stroke from tip to the shaft.

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The pace will change, fast, slow, fast, slow, only in one direction, and all the changes will add more pressure on your already low morale. Regardless of everything, you’ll be ready to cum, but she wants you to save it for later in a cup, after such a long session, it’s only fair if you refresh yourself with a nice cup of warm nut milk, every last drop down your throat.

Just the fact that they’re equipped with a dick gives these ladies an insight on how to properly edge and elongate the session to fit their sadistic needs. Any time you visit a ladyboy JOI webcam chat, a little devil on your shoulder will whisper in your ear and guide you towards a mistress.

There she’ll be, waiting for her little pet to come back, only to be ignored, humiliated, and deprived of an orgasm, but it’s what you’re willingly signing up for.