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Paint a picture of a slender, petite Asian hottie with an average prick in her pants, nothing too big, but not too small either, perfect for some sensual stroking. Her name is NicoleCrystal and you can find her dancing to some music always, well at least until you take her into a cam2cam show.

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She’s obedient by nature, meaning she loves when a hot man like you can take the charge of what’s going to happen. The moment you start telling her to strip down, that prick is going to harden, and since she’s only wearing a bikini, it will bulge out just enough to be noticed.

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While sitting in a chair, she will rub it on her dick, and occasionally spit just to see the reaction of yours stiffening even firmer. Don’t be surprised if she uses both of her hands, that thing requires some heavy lifting, but she’ll manage and squeeze out every last drop of cum, and if you need some more incentive to cum as well, she’s always ready for a second round.

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