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No subject is good enough to be treated any better than a pet rat in the eyes of a sadistic ladyboy mistress, counting you. Even if you feel like growing up to be the task of being her equal, think again, you are but a speck of dust under the heel of her leather boot.

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Ladyboy Mistress Cams Chat

Do not even think of talking back, you are a worthless scum who should be put in his place during the cams chat. So, leave your ego behind, lock it in a cage, together with your dignity, because you are about to be degraded until your spirit breaks in half.

The LCC site is a place where you might be lulled into a false sense of security, do not be surprised if you feel like breezing through the experience, and it turns into an uphill race. Take off your clothes, because a hung dominatrix wants to see what she is dealing with, what kind of a pathetic loser are you, a middle-aged bald loser, or a skinny wimp who crumbles the moment he gets pierced by her blood-freezing look.

Now that she has scanned you, there are insults rolling around her brain, thinking of ways to belittle you. Look at that, even your cock is no match for hers, that little stump can not pleasure a blow-up doll, let alone someone like her. Your face is getting red, and you can see the glee in her eyes, because she is making you suffer, and the real deal has not even started yet. You are no match for this busty ladyboy domme, she is dazzling, and yet so scary. She makes you tremble while shouting out what a dirty pig you are, a miserable shell of a human, so get on your knees and beg for forgiveness.

That is right, you better be sorry, now it is time you take a dildo, as long as her cock, and start slobbering on it, deepthroating until you gag, and choking on the heavenly size of that thing during a BDSM cams chat. You get forced to slap your ass with a belt as a punishment until you squeal. Those marks on your skin will be a good reminder of all the times you’ve been a bad misbehaving slave.

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As you mistress stands all high and mighty above you, she makes another order, you are desperate, it has not been easy, so you listen carefully, because who knows what will happen if you misbehave. Your next task is to take a vibrator and stick it up your ass, imagine she is drilling your insides, while you are stroking your cock for her, and you better enjoy it.

The stream of cum shoots on the tiles underneath you, the very cum you are going to eat, and you are going to do it with a smile on your face. If you fail to do so, then be ready to say goodbye to your nuts, you are going to get hit where it hurts the most, in your manhood, or at least the pathetic thing you call manhood before you are sent to the dark closet to rethink your life choices. See those boots? Those are the boots of a goddess, she wants you to lick them clean out of respect.

You should have figured it out so far, but in case you were not following, let me paint a picture for you, these nasty dommies will not even care how much you suffer, as long as they can feed their perverted satisfaction by torturing you, until you beg them for another round, because you’ll be their personal playtoy.

Do not hesitate to try this ladyboy mistress cams chat, or are you that big of a wuss to not even have the courage to see for yourself?