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SierraJade is a Thai dominatrix with shoulder-high blonde hair and the most incredible blue eyes you would get lost in. Don’t let your mind wander off that easily during a kinky chat session, because there’s some twisted sense of dread lurking behind all that beauty. You couldn’t have picked a better one for your slave-mistress roleplay, because this one is a major hit.

You will have the option to talk back to her in two simple sentences, “Yes mistress” or “No mistress”, anything other than that could get you in a world of trouble.

She will most definitely order you to strip down naked for her, and while you’re at it, grab a ruler and measure your cock. You can be the proudest guy, thinking she’ll congratulate you on your manhood, but you won’t think so after you’ve seen what she’s packing.

She’ll flail her monster cock right in your face, laughing at what a little prick you’ve got down there. You’re a bigger woman than she is, and that fact will earn you a sissification punishment. If you’re such a little bitch, then you’ll look like one.

All set up with your slutty outfit, she will make you grab a dildo, one that resembles her phallus the most, to choke on it. Get it all down your throat, while she’s asking you “do you like my big cock”? You know what’s the answer to that question.

Now that you’re her obedient bitch, why not feel how hard she would fuck your booty bareback? That will surely domesticate you, make you come back for more, with a smile on your face.

Angelcums is a good starting point if you wish a slutty ladyboy teacher roleplay. When attending her class, you didn’t even think it’s possible that she’s packing a dick. Your eyes were solely focused on her big tits, and you blatantly pulled out your weiner because she’s so hot.

Guess what, she has noticed it, and she’s got a surprise waiting for you once everyone else leaves the class.

Did you really think it’s ok to jerk off in class? How would you feel if someone was to do the same? That’s when she lifts her skirt up and shows you hers.

You would want to run out, but she’s one step ahead of you, if you tell anyone about this, you’re going to fail the class. Not in your best interest, so you carefully listen. “Down on your knees and grab it”, she says, and hesitantly you approach, grabbing it with a hand, and patiently licking the tip. Your other hand is fondling her balls, while she’s bending over to slap your ass and throatfuck you.

It’s rock hard, lubed up with your spit, and ready to probe. You lay back on her table, and slowly feel her dick probing you. Madness, you’re right there in class, your moans echo the half-empty classroom, while she’s muffling it with her hand over your mouth.

Ladyboy Roleplay Cams

“Jerk you cock now if you like me so much”, and you do, it feels so good to have her pound you, and you can sense her nearing the orgasm from the faster drilling. The moment your intestines get filled with hot cum is the moment you uncontrollably start jizzing.

You’ve earned yourself an A+, but make sure to keep your mouth shut about this heated adventure.

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